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Brandywine [US]

My name is Holardor, thats how people of Middle-earth calls me on Sôval Phârë. My real ataressë on Sindarin is Halirradar. I was born in 116 of the First Age, the year of my birth coincided with the year of foundation of the city of Gondolin. I was born in the family of Sindar (Lembari), those elves who did not go to Valinor during the times of the separation of elves.

My father`s name was Mahtanor, which meant "The Flame-Controller." This epessë was gave to him by other elves for his skill in blacksmithing. My mother's name was Lairiel - "Daughter of the summer", since she was born on the summer solstice, she was very beautiful, had a beautiful voice and played the flute remarkably.

All his childhood and youth Holardor spent in Gondolin. From an early age, he studied blacksmithing and took over the knowledge of his father. Soon he mastered the weapons business and understood that it is less interesting for him to fork the blades than to practice with them. Holardor entered the service to the Iron Gates of Gondolin - the fourth of the seven gates, blocking the hidden path to Gondolin.
In 472 of the First Age, the Holardor, as part of the infantry of Gondolin, led by Turgon, Fingon's brother joined the battle against Morgoth in Nirneth Arnodiade with the outpost of the House of Fingolfin.

At the end of Nirneth Arnodiades, Holardor came under the command of the Guardian of the Great Gate of the Lord of the House of Fontan Ecthelion and proceeded to the service at the Great Gondolin Gate.

In the year 510 of the First Age, the Holardor with the survivors of the fall of Gondolin went to Nan-tatren where he lived until the year 769 of the Second Age, after which he went to Eregion. By the year 1062 of the Second Age, Holardor comprehended many secrets of foothill masters and was honored to become one of the People of the Goldsmiths, Guythe-i-Mirdine.

In 1697 of the Second Age, Eregion was captured by the hordes of Sauron, and Celebrimbor and most of Guythe-i-Mirdine were killed. Holardor among the survivors of Guythe-i-Mirdine, was took in the Rivendell by Elrond.

In 3434 the Second Era, Sauron returned to his strength. And Holardor joined the Last Alliance of Elves and Men to perform on the battlefield to challenge the Dark Lord of Mordor.

The further history you will learn by yourself ....

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