Secret Gandalf: Sign-Ups Closed!

Dear Gandalfs, Secret and Not Very Secret!

Sign-ups for the Secret Gandalf 2015 is closed for now (yes, today is December 29th!). And today's evening on this special secret page you will find the name of the character to whom you shall send an in-game gift.

You can gift all you want! And it will be great to add a few warm words to the letter.

Watchers of Mindon want to thanks all who took part in this event! It is wonderful that we share such little enjoyable moments :)

And a bonus — promised statistic of participants!

There are 213 entries in total, and by servers: Brandywine — 118, Landroval — 59, Laurelin — 26, Evernight — 8, Gwaihir — 2.