The Secret Gandalf 2015

New Year is coming, and we, Watchers of Mindon, offer you to remember the great tradition — a gift exchange! 

To take part in our Secret Gandalf you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Go here and fill the form — your in-game nickname and your server (from the drop-down list). You should be logged in here, in Mindon, so do not forget to do this! It is also simple, and we have Facebook authorization feature here too!
  • Remember, Gandalf is fighting on the Free People side, and will not go the the Ettenmoors or Osgiliath.
  • Signups for the Secret Gandalf will be closed on Tuesday December 29th, at 4am EST.
  • You can take part by only one character, and you will be able to edit your signup any time till the date above.
  • After all that in the evening on December 29th you will receive the name of the character to whom you shall send an in-game gift (server-based, of course!).
  • And you shall send this gift before the New Year is here (December 31st is the best date, we think). Suggested letter title — «From Secret Gandalf» (or any other similar). And do not forget to check your mailbox sometimes — your shall receive the gift too!

You can gift anything — Symbols of Celebrimbor, Crystals of Remembrance, fireworks, outfits, resources, housing items, even sushi sets (made of fishes and seaweeds, yeah). Do not limit your imagination! And remember, the main things are attention and holiday atmosphere.

Happy holidays and wonderful winter spirit to all!